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Published electronically by the Department of Economics of Universidad Iberoamericana, A.C., Mexico City, Sobre México is an economic journal which contains peer-reviewed articles, reviews (?) and scholarly commentary on wide ranging topics of applied economics. Sobre México’s goal is to disseminate relevant academic materials for better economic and social policy design in Mexico. The journal’s scope is to publish research on social policy, poverty and income distribution; environment and natural resources; competition and economic regulation; macroeconomics and growth; financial inclusion; public finance, migration, social economy and health economics.

Essays, book reviews, case studies and manuscripts with a qualitative approach do not belong to the type of studies considered in Sobre México. However, the journal publishes, at the discretion of the Editorial Committee, offprints or reprints of articles presented in other scientific publications, particularly in books, when it considers that they are relevant.


Sobre México Economic Journal is a semi-annual publication. The first number of the year is published in the month of June and the second in the month of December.


Volumen 5, Number 6

January – June 2020


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